September 10, 2015

On Tuesday (Septmber 8, 2015) we calculated the profits for the month of August. The profit calculation is done primarily with Mama Asha, and Mama Maliko. In brief, the process is as follows: calculate total sales, costs, profit, amount to go into savings (30% of initial profit), overall group profit, then lastly, divide the group profit amongst women based on attendance.

This past week the profit totals came out to an enormous loss. Confused and distraught we soon realized that they had accounted for using over 400 kilos of potatoes, however, they only sold around 300 kilos. Meaning the accounting for inputs used were off by 100 kilos (a significant expense). Anna and Hailey are working to recalculate the profits to see if in fact there was a loss, or if the books were off and resulted in inaccurate calculations.

While it’s disappointing for the partners that there are still issues in keeping precise accounts, it comes at a great time. This week is our last cooking shift with business as usual. By next weeks cooking shift we are hoping to completely rearrange the ways in which the women complete the orders. While this will be challenging to implement, it should ensure that the accounts will be recorded correctly, orders will be fulfilled in a timely manor and the time spent in the kitchen is diminished.

As for my role in this process, it will be intensive micromanaging. I will need to be able to communicate the new processes to the women while also ensuring they are sticking to the system as opposed to switching back to what they are used to. We will see how it goes!

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