Week One: September 2, 2015

I’ve arrived in the busy village of Tabora! In my first few days I’ve been getting acclimated, visiting partners, neighbors and getting a feel for daily life. I’ve been very kindly welcomed. TONS of food and I’ve attended two parties! The parties are full day events–mainly spent prepping the food. The set up of the parties reminded me of a concert. There is a DJ and a stage where various people take turns going to the microphone to talk, and dance. I loved being apart of it all and observing, though I was the first one to go home to sleep. The parties last until around 4:00 AM, which is far past my bedtime.

In terms of business, we’re planning to get the storage room painted white this week to invite more light in. Another task we have is to reorganize the storage room. We’re hoping to professionalize what is already in place. We’re in need of tables to package on, better storage for the input items (peanuts, potatoes) and a better means to store the pots. Hailey and I spent some time yesterday brainstorming ideas on how to ensure the layout is best fit for the business.

Today we have our first cooking shift for the month! I have yet to spend a full day cooking and I’m looking forward to seeing what it’s all about.

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