Karibu sana! Welcome to 2Seeds Network’s Tabora Project blog!

This site will be updated with stories, news and progress as we work as Project Coordinators for 2Seeds Network in rural Tanzania.

2Seeds Network is a nonprofit organization confronting the pressing lack of food and income security in rural Tanzania. We work at the grassroots level to cultivate local capacity and develop self-sustaining businesses.

Tabora is an old sisal village in the plains of Korogwe, surrounded by sparse grasslands and winding dirt paths. After Tanzanian independence in 1961 and with the introduction of synthetic fibers, the sisal industry collapsed. The village’s source of income evaporated and farmers were left in an unforgiving environment, struggling to adequately feed their families. Farmers in Tabora today still struggle to make ends meet, planting staple crops that wither in the heat. Too often, with extremely limited incomes, they must make a choice between having nutritious food and having enough food to eat.

The purpose of the Tabora Project is to increase the amount and diversity of foods available to children in the community of Tabora. To achieve this, the project focuses on a group of caretakers and businesswomen running a collective food processing business in order to generate the income necessary to work towards food stability and nutritious diets for their families.

This group of women cooks and packages a variety of products, including potato chips and salted peanuts, and sells at premium prices with the help of connections across the 2Seeds network. Through the business, the women earn a steady income, learn business and management skills, and build their confidence, competence and leadership capacity. Some of the women in the group have started their own, independent businesses with the income and business training they’ve received through partnership with 2Seeds. In Tabora, you’ll often hear our Partners shouting, Wanawake wanaweza! –in English, Women can do it!

Come join us as we continue to get to know the people in this amazing community and work together to end food poverty in this area.


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